Eslabon Ranch Deer Breeding

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The Eslabon Ranch whitetail breeding operation was formed to enhance the genetics on the Ranch. Eslabon Ranch is a family owned breeding and hunting program that offers a limited number of deer for sale each year. The goal of our breeding program from the beginning has been to produce an outstanding trophy-quality whitetail deer. We organized a strict breeding plan utilizing Laparoscopic and Cervical Artificial Insemination conducted at out state of the art breeding facility. AI allows us to inseminate our does with semen from the largest, most consistent, and best producing bucks in the nation. Our program produces bucks well into the 200 B&C range. Our deer are descendants of great producers like Gladiator, Paco, Little Boomer, Max, Maxbo, Highroller, Clint, Stickers and Red Rock. All of which have proven to be top producers in the industry.

We strive to maintain a calm herd; this enhances the productivity and longevity of the breeders. One of the most important aspects of any deer sale is "before and after the sale support". This is most important for new breeders. We were fortunate to have the support of several established breeders when we were starting and strive to support and inform all new breeders.

We believe in the preservation of the whitetail deer species not only as brood stock and sport but to maintain the species at its finest for future generations. We don't really own this unique animal we are only borrowing them from future generations, and as we have been taught, you always return what you borrow in better condition than when you got it. Our purpose remains a consistent quality end product.